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Water boreholes are particularly environmentally friendly. General estimates suggest that there is two thirds more water underground than there is on the surface.

Water sourced from boreholes is almost always independent of surface water and is obtained from fissures or even underground streams running through the rock.

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A borehole is lined with steel from ground level and is grouted in to seal it from outside sources to help to eliminate any chance of surface contamination and then lined with special PVC well tube.

For every customer who switches to their own source there is a saving to mains water. There can never be a guarantee of water quality but in general the water extracted from boreholes is excellent.

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Water Hygiene and Management Services

We can provide Water Hygiene and Management Services including

  • Borehole water sampling and testing
  • Professional advice and consultation services.
  • Remedial action solutions for any issues found
  • Supply and installation of water treatment equipment
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of existing systems to ensure wholesome drinking water supplies

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Ultra Violet Purification

Micro-organisms in water supplies can include bacteria, viruses and cysts. Although many are harmless, exposure to dangerous micro-organisms can result in severe illness. Especially vulnerable are the elderly, those with weakened immune systems and small children. UV sterilization is highly effective, economical and a safe way to remove harmful micro-organisms from water supplies without affecting the taste.

Ultra violet is a natural component of sunlight, falling just below the visible light region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Higher energy wavelengths of UV light have the unique ability to destroy micro-organisms in water or air, stopping their ability to multiply and cause infections.
Installation is very simple. The ultra violet sterilizer is mounted on a wall, coupled to the incoming water supply pipe with standard fittings and connected to the water supply.

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Boost Systems

Give your water system the pressure you require by installing a boost system

  • Small or large available
  • STD or frequency converter controlled

Underground Pipe Work

We stock a range of fittings not readily available for the repair of underground pipe work

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